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 Office Tell:  011 470 0136

 Office Tell:  011 470 0136

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Physical security

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Uniformed Grade A-C Security Guards and Supervisors
Risk Assesment and Management
Trained Recieving

Immediate reactions

Always Prepared

Organized and Efficient

Our Security Guards are trained and have obtained their respective qualifications with the Private Security Regulating Authority. (PSIRA) They go through a strict screening before being deployed and placed by our clientele. Upon placement, they receive a set of uniforms of high quality provided by us and get training on the standard operating procedures as drafted with our clients. They are constantly monitored with frequent inspections by our day and night Guard Managers.

Professional and thorough step by step risk assessment. The assessment will determine what risk is associated with different types of work being performed and the high-risk areas in the workplace. We will then give our clients the necessary guidelines and implementation procedures to minimize the exposure to the risk and the severity the risk holds on the employees and the company as a whole. This will make our clients prepared for any risks that might cause damage in their organization.

To ensure goods ordered are correct and quantities the same as per invoices or delivery notes. Our receiving clerks are focused and organized, They have also obtained a security certificate with the Private Security Regulating Authority (PSiRA), and goes through a strict recruitment process as well as a screening process to make sure they are the right fit for our client's company. They are there to make sure that all products are recieved correctly and to minimise the risks that can cause financial harm.

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Dispatch Personnel

Attention to details

To ensure a proper check and final inspection with regards to invoices or delivery notes and the actual goods or products that are dispatched. Our dispatch personnel are trained and have also obtained their relevant qualifications with the Private Security Regulating Authority. (PSiRA) They undergo a strict screening process to determine they are the right fit for our client's company.

Facilities Managers

Experts in their field

The facility manager makes sure that on a daily basis our clients are informed about all matters regarding their risk and security practices. They are there to help maintain our solutions and also to assist our clients with any facilities management needs they may require. They go through a strickt screening process, to ensure they are the right fiti for our client's company.

And Safety

Maintaining international standards

To inspect and identify areas not in accordance with health and safety regulations, to assist our clients to make their workplace safe for their workforce, visitors and contractors. We also assist clients in preparation and implementation for health and safety inspections and starting, maintaining and updating our client's health and safety file. This service will give our client's the peace of mind that their health and safety procedures are to regulations. To protect their organization thoroughly and efficiently according to regulations.

Electronic security

Gates and
gates motors
Access Control

We believe in all secure and trusted gate and gate motor brands. To protect your organizations' valuable assets, products, and workforce.

We are committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to access control to and from our client's facility. You can count on our systems to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure that you and your workforce, your product and assets are safe and secure.

Alarm systems are a crucial part of efficient control over your security, With durable and researched technology we can find the right alerting system to fit our client's company needs.

Trusted Brands

Durable and Efficient

Stay Alert

CCTV Equipment

Keeping a watchfull eye

We install and maintain the CCTV equipment for our clients. By doing this we are keeping a watchful eye on the important areas in your organization. You can be assured that any problems or alerting situations will be dealt with in an immediate and efficient manner. 

We trust in our Brand that has been proven to effectively reduce  risks at our clients